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About The Community Garden Project

Our mission at The Community Garden Project is simple: To maintain your garden and at the same time slowly transform it into an edible paradise where you can immerse yourself in nature, connect with your neighbours or colleagues and learn from the experts. For more information or general enquiries, get in touch today.



We do things a little differently

We are not your average gardeners. While garden maintenance is what we do, we are more about building communities, restoring the land and creating ecosystems where people can immerse themselves in nature and connect with each other

Garden Maintenance
Community Garden's          
Urban Farming
Specialising in native plants

With a strong focus on native plants that are indigenous to the local area.

We endeavour to take over the maintenance of your common grounds and slowly, while continuing to maintain them, transform them into native food forests. Providing you with the opportunity to learn from the experts. 

Our team will turn up as per the maintenance schedule of your property and you can learn from them while they are onsite. Once they have finished for the day, they will leave a list of tasks that can be completed during the week and you can complete them at your leisure or leave them for the team to do when they return. It’s totally up to you.

The benefits of approaching maintenance like this are:

  • No large outlay of cost required. We will upgrade your garden slowly as if it were maintenance

  • Opportunity to reduce maintenance cost by completing tasks yourself

  • Noise reduction.Once your garden is transformed there will be little use for noisy machinery.

  • Restoring turfed, unused areas back to native bushland, thus increasing carbon draw down

  • Creating an environment where you can harvest produce and eat organic food

  • Improving the amenity of your gardens will increase the value of your property 

  • Providing an opportunity for you to connect with your garden and immerse yourself in nature right at your door step. 

  • Providing you with the skills and knowledge to reduce your carbon footprint via strategies such as worm farms and composting 

  • Creating a community, where you can connect with your neighbours 

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